Tuesday, April 17, 2012

spain loves greyhounds too! (bimbaylola!)

My good pal, KK, went to Spain the lucky duck! She came back with stories of adventure! super fun! and... greyhounds!! A whole store that uses a running/racing greyhound as a logo! I must go to there and buy it all. Or, perhaps they will ship to me? I will take everything, including some of this super cray jewelry.
And SHOES, too?! Why don't you guys put a greyhound on there?
1) Ring.
2) Bag.
3) Kitsch Necklace. 
4/5/6/7) Coin Purses. 
8/9) Flat Sandals. 
ALL from BimBayLolaStore!! Where all your things will have this on them, like a dream!
Speaking of rad flat sandals... these are on the very top of my list. 

Halogen Softy Sandals, TopShop, $58. 

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