Thursday, February 14, 2013

blackmilk: for the beach loving nerd in you.

I don't even like star wars but I kept a cardboard c3po in my house for a year (before Timbo made me throw it away) because it was gold. And a robot. Now YOU can BE your own c3po!
Running more to my tastes, movie wise, here is a LOTR suit. Yep, I use just the letters because that's how much I love the books. I'm so busy reading all the million pages I have no time to say all the words of the title. This suit. My precious.

What is up with Black Milk and their CRAY swim suits? Browse HERE. It doesn't stop at swim suits (get a Gandalf dress if you want, and you totally do!), or these couple books. There are cosmic leggings and map dresses for a variety of epic fantasy ladies!

BLACKMILK. check it. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

marie turnor: snak attack!

I just like things that look like other, boring things. I have the glass ziploc bag for chrissakes. Timmy has a leather lunch bag and I've been wanting to get a couple more, you know eco conscious and all that, and then THIS! A marriage of eco friendly brown bagging and expensive items modeled after regular every day items. I will take one. Or two, cause I really want a brown one and a metallic. Three, that giant one is rad too.

the picnic - $185.
the snak - $117 to $275.
the feast - $280.
Other options (can there be a knock off of something that knocked off LUNCH BAGS??)
brown bag it - $85.
leather paper bag - $130.

Monday, February 11, 2013

sun room makeover.

For some reason that little bit of forest green paint you could see in the sun room drove me crazy. We used to paint our scary basement floor that color. Shudder.
SO! A change is needed. It bothered NO ONE else, so it was all my project.
Timmy helped me gather supplies. He says my form is excellent.
Coat one. Break. Coat two. Looked like a crazy swimming pool.
AND! Done. Easy peasy. We laid down our FLOR tiles and project- checked off.
We are following a plan that Dean helped lay out for us. She da best.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

t+j=cray cray.

I don't know WHAT to think about these iphone cases. (Lie: I know exactly what to think- I'll take the champagne crystal guy with the bow.)

t+j designs, HERE for the icase madness. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

target: shoes and prabal.

I was cruising the Target today and they just continue to KILL it. These shoes are amazing! Love the Marni-ish Patricias and I want to get into the strappy stiletto game without investing too much so the Vintas are perfect. All at Also, I wasn't into the Prabal Gurung until I saw the whole look HERE. I am really feeling the all floral everything.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

pixie market baroque sweater.

I love this thing! I want to wear it everywhere, in rainbow explosions and floating by other baroque things!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

welcome home, pirate ship chandelier!

Timmy and I threw a teeny, tiny dinner party to welcome this newest addition to our dining room. Pirate Ship Chando! I've wanted it since the moment and I saw it and in the topsy turvy, can-i-have-it-please, i have cash?, oh everyone else hates it, world of the Merchandise Mart it is now. MINE. We showed it how we do with a winter menu: tomato cashew soup, packet fish, gratin.

My favorite soda is Diet Coke! What's a pirate's favorite soft drink? AARRGGGHHH-C Cola.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

jorah, three ways.

Jorah, majestic in crouching cricket pose in front of the tree. Jorah, festive in his Christmas jammies in front of the tree and presents. Jorah, gazing into the depths of Tommy's soul with some intense tummy time. Which is your favorite?! I can't pick!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

laura lombardi: studio visit.

Oh hai! Christ, is this girl ALWAYS the biggest babe?! Yes. Yes, she is. I stopped by a Holiday visit at the Laura Lombardi Lofts and picked up some presents for other people but mostly me.
Gorgeous display. Haven't been by? You MUST go!
Earrings on display. Perfect, simple pairs of brass and gold.
Display board. Red, I have. Pink, I want. (I want all if it, Pink is what I want next.) Closeups of my favorites:
Alchera Choker, $140 HERE.
Mida Necklace, $128 HERE. 
Always a best way to spend a Saturday. 
Flip through her gorgeous lookbooks HERE.
Look at her awesome blog HERE.
Buy her jewelry HERE.
Find something rad on sale HERE. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

champagne and sequins: how'd we do?

This year's Champagne and Sequins. Was it the best year ever? Let's review what we did right:
The addition of the Family Dinner Band was VERY well received. What a wonderful moment.
BUT. When we get right down to it, something was missing.
Oh well. It was fun! We will just have to try again next year!!! Thanks for coming!!