Monday, June 25, 2012

iris van herpen x united nude KNOCKED.

These are the most amazing. The iris can herpen x United Nude Iris. They remind me of dinosaurs and confetti system and also the prettiest armadillo that ever was. I want to wear this tinsel armadillo costume on my feet! UNFORTUNATELY, they cost about rent. Twice. So, wasn't going to happen. I dreamed of the day some one would knock them off into affordable territory. Now I dream of the day SOMEONE else knocks them off. Much better.
What is this junky thing? I was thrilled for 30 seconds when I saw them on NastyGal then immediately disappointed. I tracked them to a website for Ellie Shoes- mostly your run of mill stripper shoes (read: lucite, more lucite. Highest stilettos and also a ton more lucite.) And these are oddly in the Bettie Page section. The Bettie Page page seems to be the Jeffrey Campbell knock off page, you can find junky Night Walks right next to junky Lorettas.

Here are some links. For fun.
Ellie Shoes. (wholesaler of sexy shoes and sexy boots.)
Ellie Bettie Page page.
Ellie Zillas.

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  1. Those shoes are insane... in a good way.


    Luis (my blog!)