Friday, June 1, 2012

lime crime: pastel on white crime.

I love a white based make up product. On lips, I think an opaque white based makeup product. As if you have frosting caked on your lips. Or, in the case of these nudes and purple, kind of like you are dead. Dead-ish. Or dying from hypothermia. And the pink for looking like a doll, just paint that on! These are recommended by my pal Shanners who is also a fan of a dead-ish lip. Lime Crime. For life.
Lime Crime in Coquette, D'Lilac, and Pink Planet.
I got bangs. Inspired by Rihanna. And I couldn't get the color (offices are the worst), so instead I plan on completing the look with an as matte lavender lipstick as possible. Also, I'm gonna go tanning a bunch. 
Here is a bad picture of my bangs! And Shelby's re-ombred blunted edge bob.
After looking intently at this guide, I am reordering. In addition to the three (above) that I already bought, I want Airborne Unicorn, Chinchilla, and Cosmopop. And maybe both of those reds. $15 each. Get at 'em

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