Friday, June 8, 2012

the webster. at the target.

So I saw the commercials and blah blah blah... THE. Shops. The. SHOPS. Shoppes of Target, but like when aunts say it tar-jeeeey. Anyway, I didn't pay too much attention until I was wandering through tar-jeeeey and saw a bunch of palm tree tikinis! The cutest! And there was more! Flamingo Kimono! Palm Tree Dress! And all of it said The Webster on it! I almost bought Timmy Wats a striped long sleeve with buttons on the shoulder. But, then thought, Timmy Wats bought a black truck today. He does NOT want to look like a gondolier. He would probably rip the sleeves right off of that. There is some left and more online. And if we are really getting real, the Privet stuff is pretty rad too.
All of it found HERE.

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