Thursday, October 11, 2012

bonadrag. fall 2012.

If I could do a seasonal update from anywhere, it would be bonadrag. Best curated online shopping anywhere. This is what I would be adding for fall. A little more texture (velvets, haircalf, and silk), some length on sleeves and dress, and for sure a little creepy goosebump raising fun. Fall in Chicago is always a blustery, leaf rustling good time. Something is in the air and I would like those tarot cards to tell me what. 

1) Edith A Miller White Stripe Maxi, $156.  
2) Marais Black Strappy  Haircalf Flat, $125. 
3) The Wild Unknown Tarot Cards, $40.
4) Mara Hoffman Beaded Silky Twill Pants, $396. 
5) Society For Rational Double Raglan Sweater, $142. 
6) Samantha Pleet Red Velvet Shorts, $230. 
7) Lila Rice XL Crescent Hoops, $140. 

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