Thursday, October 25, 2012


Dean's wedding (and maaaaybe a little Say Yes to The Dress) have got me thinking about what to wear when I get married. I just don't FEEL like wearing a wedding dress. They are expensive and so event specific. I want to shop at Barney's and get something I adore and will wear again. But sometimes, particularly during SYTTD, I think. "Oh. I could wear that I guess." That is how I felt when I saw these Jenny Packham dresses (above.) Especially the top two. They are sort of amazing. Then I saw these Pnina Tornai's (below.) Good God. I don't even know. What I DO know is the bottom of the first dress is the raddest. As for the second... where do these weddings happen? Have you been to one? What does the Dad/Grandma do when they see how much lingerie the bride is wearing? Is that hat included?

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