Thursday, November 8, 2012

best birthday ever: lipstick cake.

(Mac Snob, Nicki Viva Glam, Pink Nouveau (Nicki's other signature color!), Up the Amp, Funtabulous Lip Dazzle, and Nars Carthage. Also, Impossibly Sweet Lip Glass from Timmy's Mom.)
Ever feel like there are people in the world who just GET you? Like, in your heart of hearts. Super pals and lovely ladies (led by Shelby who baked a cake that looked like a cake found by Ally) put all of these lipsticks on a cake. For me. For my birthday. It looked like this:
And was modeled after this:
And the inside was ombre. Swoon x one million.
Just the best birthday I have ever, ever had.

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