Wednesday, November 14, 2012

harajuku mini velvet dress vs harajuku mini plaid dress.

I ordered this dress today from Target, it's a Harajuku Mini Velvet Dress. I am hoping it is my 2012 Holiday dress, just like it's predecessor, the Harajuku Mini Plaid Dress. Time will tell as that velvet bodice doesn't look nearly as forgiving as the cotton plaid was. Oh jeez. What was I thinking.
This is what all my friends (and I) looked like last year. Morgs, that hair! Shelbs, that hair! Alexis, I love that tight perm. KK. Adore.

In other news, if you adopt Miss Figgy, she comes with this complimentary Figs sweatshirt. Found on ASOS here: Elizabeth Lau Dog and Bone Sweatshirt, $131. (Free with Fig adoption/purchase.)
The original black eyed puppy:

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