Wednesday, November 28, 2012

target holiday collaboration collection!

I will admit. I was a leeetle excited about this One. Legendary. Partnership. (that will probs happen every single year.) 24 designers! In collaboration with Neiman Marcus! 50 GIFTS! Then they came out and it's... eh. I really wanted to get my paws on a Marchesa dress for my goddaughter until I saw it. I thought I'd for sure want whatever Marc Jacobs was offering until I saw it. Oscar de la Renta for Dogs! Yes! Until I saw it. Here are the couple things I actually do want. Mostly though, I just want every single package of that Rodarte wrapping paper. To wallpaper my entire house with.

Alturazza Skaker and Old Fashioned Glasses, $49.00 each.
Rag and Bone Sweater, $69.99 and Shot Glasses, $19.99.
Rodarte Wrapping Paper (!!!), $7.99
Band of Outsiders Hats, $29.99 (set of 2).

Here is the impossible to find link: GOHERE! HITS DECEMBER 1st!

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  1. Molly, my thoughts exactly! And my WANTS exactly! I just want that wrapping paper and the bar set. I already told my mom to go to the FL store near her and buy all the wrapping paper!