Thursday, February 14, 2013

blackmilk: for the beach loving nerd in you.

I don't even like star wars but I kept a cardboard c3po in my house for a year (before Timbo made me throw it away) because it was gold. And a robot. Now YOU can BE your own c3po!
Running more to my tastes, movie wise, here is a LOTR suit. Yep, I use just the letters because that's how much I love the books. I'm so busy reading all the million pages I have no time to say all the words of the title. This suit. My precious.

What is up with Black Milk and their CRAY swim suits? Browse HERE. It doesn't stop at swim suits (get a Gandalf dress if you want, and you totally do!), or these couple books. There are cosmic leggings and map dresses for a variety of epic fantasy ladies!

BLACKMILK. check it. 

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