Monday, January 30, 2012

pretty pouchy clutches.

My friend Ally sent me a link to these the other day. I saw them a bit back, but this is a much better time of year (winter, snowy and gloomy) to be dying to carry your own personal little beach scene. That said, for some reason I am double dying for that little patch of orange flamingo feathers.
1) Tulum Wave Pouch, $60.
2) Moorea Sharks, $60.
3) Tahiti Reef, $60.
4) Flamingo Pouch, $60.

All Samudra. Oddly, the only other thing they sell is these weird, hideous, and sooo expensive bracelets. 60 bucks for a friendship bracelet with a pot leaf. A sterling silver pot leaf.

The pouches, not that ugly bracelet, reminded me of this pouch that has been on my etsy list forever. So long that it sold and it can't be mine anymore. Hopefully they restock soon.
Scout & Catalogue.

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