Thursday, January 26, 2012

wish i was...

I am stuck in PA. For work. I miss Timmy and my house and my Marmie Bear. Also, tonight is ladies and manicures night. And little ole Mols is in PA with the Real Housewives and Game of Thrones on audio book. The manicures are from a ladies/manicures at Ally's place a few weeks back. Check Shelby's super sweet black and gold glitter explosion. AH-maaaaazing. Too good. After that we had dinner at my place. Giant salad and a pizza that was long gone before I got a shot. We made it. I was quite proud. Boo. On the upside, I get to take a hottest shower ever with unlimited water from hotel sized water heaters. Ultimate luxury.


  1. the real housewives are sort of like friends! or maybe that's just my own personal problem...

  2. We're gonna miss you so bad! Also, those are Ashley's beautiful nails (not mine)! P.S. I love your glitter ombre mani almost as much as Ally's expression.