Thursday, March 22, 2012

play suit city.

I don't have air conditioning anymore. And in Chicago it's already been in the 80's. This does not bode well. In preparation, I am getting lots of light, silky materials, play suits, rompers, et cetera. For night, I slept on a street to get fancy Marni H&M jammies. For day, I am thinking this TopShop jammie two piece. I think it's ok for hot days outside. It is, right? Also, this print is killing it. 
Option: Kimono instead for a shortest dress ever?



  1. HAHA! At first glance, before I noticed the second option was for a girl, too, I thought you were going to say you found the same print in a Florida-style button-up for Timmy! I made myself laugh out loud at my desk.

  2. i would wear that in a florida style button up for sure