Thursday, April 5, 2012

hair inspiration, dog relaxation.

I would like to cut my hair into this super bangsy fringe. It's long. Longer then it's been since... high school maybe? But now that I've spent 3 years growing it out, I have no idea what to do with it. And it's boooring. And I've been thinking a lot about bangs. But I have curly hair. And summer is coming. And bringing humidity. Is this a bad idea?! And if not, where does one go to get a haircut? Recommendations, PLEASE!

If, yes, bad idea... then does anyone know how to make my curly hair do these things:
(Non RiRi pics courtesy of Sine Qua Non.)

In other non-related news, Marmol has been working HARD at being handsome. He needs to just RELAX. But where, you ask? Mayhaps in one of these loungers!:
Honest opinion- Do you think he will fit in that top one? Shop for your own dog beds HERE!

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  1. I have recommended Heather Rae @ Art & Science (the one at Halsted & Armitage) one to a zillion people and no one has been disappointed. She really listens and "gets" the kind of look you are going for.