Thursday, June 28, 2012

topshop swan song.

Did. You. KNOW. About TopShop's personal shopping service?! It is BANANAS. So... I am in TopShop, like usual, when this darling girl asks if I would like to start a fitting room. Of course I do. She takes me things and casually mentions they will be in the Personal Shopping. Ugh. (I thought to myself.) What does that even mean? It MEANS, I come to find out, you get a great big room! With a real door! And they offer you Diet Coke! Well, the offer all kinds of things but I selected Diet Coke. And the girl brought me things! She noticed my large pile of swan items (HERE), and suggested these:
I can't wait to go back over and over. But I'm not really sure how it works. If I can just walk in and ask for the DC or if I have to have a particular set of items in my arms... or. OH! I didn't mention the boyfriend area. There is a room with many couches and cupcakes under domes and big jars of candy or mints. There were several guys hanging out reading mags in there and all of them got offered drinks as well. It's so good.
Their swan prints are so so killing it. I love anything that even vaguely resembles Mister Marmol. Horses, zebras, lost of birds and ducks, giraffes, and of course swans. Little dreamboats, the whole lot of them.
BTW, I bought those shoes. That personal shopper was really good.

Water Swan Print Stud Wedges, $156.

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