Friday, June 29, 2012

david koma x greyhounds = everything.

It is ABOUT time someone did a collection based on these super beautiful and a little bit weird looking animals! Shelby sent me the link to these, she is basically my Google Alerts. I would love anything with a greythound it, but these go beyond. The shoes are amazing. Dagger point, high high pitch, that little loafer front. I die a million.
Here is the full collection: David Koma RTW Fall 2012.
The shoes were a collaboration with Alain Quilici. Koma also made these radical greyhound sweater dresses. Greyhounds or snakes you ask? It's always a little hard to tell. I like the white one best, look at that little sneaky smile. 
Apparently he was inspired by these painting done by Giovanni Boldini, a greyhound enthusiast. (I would imagine he was anyway.) This is NOT what I look like when I walk greyhounds.
This IS how I look like when greyhounds try to get on the couch and watch movies with me and steal all the space. It's pretty dead on. And that guy looks very Mister Marmol-ish. Maybe we sat for this and I don't remember. 
I don't know when his next greyhound collection is coming out but I just sent him this photo in case he needs inspiration for a resort line. The colors are very cruise-esque and the bananas and monkeys-- very tiki. Very tropical. Very so hot right now. I am sure he will appreciate it. Looking forward to a bunch of models stomping down the runway with their tongues hanging out in the next couple months.

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