Friday, July 6, 2012

put a peplum on it it!

Two years ago everyone wanted me to wear blazers with peplums. Accentuate curves! Make curves! Fake ruffled curves. Yuck. Then it was skirt city, peplums everywhere. Like the world took the overstock of "bodycon" and thought... hmmmm, how can we STILL be selling these? Add a peplum! Then, that become dresses and here we are now. Peplums on every top and tank ever. But wait. I like these best of all? Shoot. Instead of being played out, maybe I can actually wear one. 

Loosely spiral clockwise starting at upper right: Marc Jacobs, TopShop, Thakoon, Stella McCartney, Charlotte Russe, Asos, Asos,  Asos, Forever21, Charlotte Russe, Mint Velvet, Forever21.

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