Tuesday, August 7, 2012

love. always in the air.

Shannon, a good pal and a GREAT makeup artist offered to do my and Ashley's makeup for our engagement party. She is a dream. She is quite familiar with my usual black as black liner and mascara, big blush, light lip combo. This time I asked for a red-ier blush. Specifically I asked if I could look like I had tuberculosis and was all fever-y. But in a pretty way. I LOVED it. I am buying right away the blush (MAC Fever) and the lip gloss (OCC Lip Tar Digitalis).
Too much fun getting your makeup done.
Ashley in her dress, gettin pretty.
Pro gear, pro attitude.
Ugh. It was the hottest, why again did I think my bangs wouldn't curl to forever. Awful. But Victor made us baby's breath crowns and Ashley looked like heaven and it was. THE. BEST.

Meanwhile... back at the house...

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