Thursday, September 13, 2012

cities in dust: cuff city.

I stopped by Renegade last weekend for two reasons: Greyhound Booth!!!! And Cities in Dust! Meghan Lorenz did it again. Booth chock full of dagger cuffs and dagger earrings and OH! these necklaces made of the prettiest stones. Problem: Everyone loves Cities in Dust. Everyone has to have it! Shelby has made the dagger cuff one of her signature items so I've kept a distance. But Meghan convinced me that Shelby's is oxidized and this one is gold and therefore they are totally different. Good enough for me- SOLD!
Morgie has this necklace is red. I think the pink is far enough off. Too pretty.
Then I will start building my dagger cuff collection. I am really into the white mixed with colors. GOOD NEWS: Making their first appearance at Renegade-- color combo daggers!
CITIES IN DUST ETSY. Go nuts. But leave some for me. 

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