Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the cross and the crown: king onye label.

Once I went to a party and wore a gingham peplum dress. A girl told me she loved it. She looked radical and I told her so. JUST LIKE THAT- PALS. Turns out she was even more the best then I knew then. Her name is Onye, she designs jewelry, is so thrilled with living her life, and is one of the most genuine people I have even come across. I got engaged to TimmyWats and JUST LIKE THAT- EARRINGS. They appeared in the mail a few days later. I love her. I do.
Her line, King Onye Label, is great and getting better all the time. She did a line of doorknocker earrings that were to die for and has moved onto necklaces. I adore it all, and this is top of my list. So simple, so pretty. 

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