Thursday, December 6, 2012

laura lombardi: christmas edition.

I got Timmy's brother's best girl in the Watson family draw. I got her these most amazing triangle earrings from Laura Lombardi. Handmade, very Chicago, and so so cool that I stared at them for about 20 minutes before wrapping. I kept thinking, I'll just go grab her something else and maybe keep these for me? Terrible. Christmas Spirit won out and she will get these in the mail shortly. I hope she doesn't read this blog. It shouldn't have been that hard a decision seeing as I DID get myself a little something when I went to pick those up:
Little cutie barely hexagon studs. I saw them on my pal a week earlier and scooped them as soon as I could. The BEST basic.
AND!! A Christmas surprise! I dropped this necklace off for repair a bit back (Mister Marmol got a little overzealous and had sent it soaring across the room during a particularly enthusiastic greeting) and just got it back! Like Christmas in July! Except for that it actually Christmas. A little tree decorating and we are officially ready for the Holidays.
Laura Lombardi Jewelry HERE or HERE. For you and everyone else on your list.

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