Tuesday, December 4, 2012

target: rodarte, harajuku mini, and more!

Hit the December 1st Target thing. Was... mildly impressed. Tons left. The only thing remotely low was the Rodarte wrapping paper. I left one of the shelf when I bought the limit of 5. I actually can wallpaper a room in these planets!
Also, remember THIS. Did not happen. Not even close. But these hairpins will do just fine. I wish they were all silver. When I returned the dress, I cruised the shoes. Children's dresses might not fit (at all), BUT these size 5 girl's shoes sure do! Kid's shoes are like little boats, so round and wide, I love it! And they were 20 bucks! I suppose because they are the same shoe they sell in size 1, which can basically fit in the palm of your hand. Can't sell that for more then a 20. Anyway, very holiday and darling.

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