Wednesday, January 11, 2012

laura lombardi, of a kind.

 I have the best boyfriend ever. Duh. Also, I heart times one million Laura Lombardi (both the darling girl and her great jewelry line.) I fancy myself somewhat of a collector of her items. Below you will see me wearing her necklace, a prefect little golden rectangle and a bracelet she helped me make.
I haven't seen the necklace on her etsy or in stores yet, but keep your eyeballs peeled for it. You can layer it with anything and its the simplest way to wear a gold when you want to keep it classy. I got it a long standing her-stuff-for-my-stuff trade we have going. We both end up with good stuff. I went to her studio not to trade stuff for amazing jewels, but for help making bracelets (I also am wearing above.) We (read: she) put together this pile:
The coins were from my great uncles restaurant, The Corona, that closed forever ago. Long before I was a twinkle in anyones eye. My mom found them in the basement and we made a bracelet for his wife, my great aunt gloria, and smaller ones for his daughters. Aren't they pretty? Nice to have such a memory to carry around on your wrist all day.

Back to my best boyfriend ever. He saw a link to Laura Lombardi's earrings that she did for Of A Kind. In this case, there are 50 Of A Kind. And who has a pair now?! ME. How sweet is he? How cool are these? How lucky am I?? Very, very, very.
Check her online store, good sale going on!

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  1. agreed - love my triangle laura lombardi creation, also a present from my male counterpart. most versatile necklace - ever.